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Please take a moment to review our Cancellation Policy, as we would like to communicate with you clearly and openly about this important issue.


In order to address your dental needs and care for you appropriately, it is essential that you keep your scheduled appointments.   We trust that you will make every effort to keep the appointment time that you have selected in our schedule.  In order for us to accommodate all of our valued patients, we need sufficient notice to fill any vacancies left in the schedule should you need to cancel or change your appointment.


We require that all appointments be cancelled during our regular business hours by speaking to a member of our staff.  Appointment changes or cancellations are not considered valid unless you have spoken to a staff member.


Any appointment change or cancellation must be made within 48 hours of your reserved time.  Should an unplanned event prevent you from notifying us within this time period, we reserve the right to charge you for the time you have requested in the schedule.  The fee for broken appointment time is $100 per one hour of time.


Please be aware that notification given by leaving a message on our answering machine between the hours of Thursday at 1:00pm and Monday at 8:30am is not considered valid.  The office is closed during these hours and there are no staff members available to accept a schedule change.


Finally, while we understand that emergencies and illness do occur, it is critical to your dental well-being that such events are kept to a minimum.  We care a great deal about you as our patient.  Thank you for your consideration of both your schedule and ours and for doing your part to achieve and maintain optimum oral health!